Why You Need A Wireless Boat Lift Remote Control

GEM wireless boat lift remote control

The advantages of upgrading your boat lift with a wireless remote control system are numerous.  The days of having to use manual switches, which are time consuming, are a thing of the past.

Having to lower your boat, tie it up off of the lift, loading it and then having to raise your bunks out of the water is very time consuming.  And upon your return, it is necessary to moor your boat and then redo the entire process all over again. And depending on the tide, it can become difficult to determine how low to drop the cradle in order to have it positioned correctly.

Further complicating the situation is an incoming or receding tide that tends to move the boat out of position and requires a second person to keep it positioned properly. At times, this can be frustrating when you’re tired from a day on the water.

Consider for a moment the positive attributes of a boat lift remote control system for your boat lift. When you are closing in on your dock you simply lower the lift into the water with the remote control. Drive the boat onto the lift making any depth adjustments as the boat enters the sling or bunker.

The moment the positioning is correct, you raise the boat with the boat lift remote controls and in one continuous movement, raise the boat to dock height so all can debark on the dry dock. Now the boat can be unloaded without major adjustments.

Not only that, but boat lift remote control systems have the capability to accept a series of programs in the boat lift control box to make your boat lift more versatile and convenient. Limit switches shut the lift off at predetermined heights resulting in safe operation.

The most convenient aspect is that the boat lift remote control box can be pre-programmed to stop automatically. Once programmed, the boat lift remote control needs only one push of the button on the remote to raise the lift to the preset position. There is no need to hold the button, and may be stopped in its tracks at any position instantly. A manual control is provided so that you can bypass the presets if deemed necessary.

It’s always amusing, everyone wants to go out on the boat for the day, but the Captain is relied upon to fuel, service, launch, dock, unload and wash it down. All the friends state that they will help with the fuel if you take them out for the day. As soon as the fuel pump displays $50 everyone disappears. When you return and the boat needs to be washed and flushed everyone has a sun induced headache or they are late for an appointment.

A boat lift remote control will reduce this effort considerably. The next time your family or friends wish to have a day on the water, you’re less likely to hesitate while you ponder whether a day on the water outweighs the effort.

There are many types of boat lifts although not all are suited for every location and boat size. It is wise to evaluate the situation, type and length of dock, type of seawall, length and weight of boat and type of hull before making any decision. Boat lift remote controls can handle one to four lift motors.

You will find that by purchasing a boat lift remote control you will spend more time on the water and less time cleaning and servicing. You will be pleased with your decision to reduce your workload.


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