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The Boat Lift Pro's offer the most comprehensive boat lift repairs services in SW Florida. With comprehensive training and a commitment to service excellence, The Boat Lift Pro's back up our claims with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The Boat Lift Pro’s Semi Annual Maintenance Plan is for service on your boat lift(s) for a period of one year.

To avoid expensive boat lift repairs and lost time on the water, a routine inspection and maintenance of your boat lift, are encouraged.

The Boat Lift Pro’s offers the most complete & comprehensive boat lift maintenance plan available. We will service your boat lift TWO TIMES PER YEAR.  Yearly maintenance is vital for extending the life of a boat lift. Our service keeps your boat  lift in optimal working condition.  

Our trained technician will perform all of the services listed below:
  • Grease Top Beams
  • Check & Lubricate Cables
  • Grease Bull & Worm Gears
  • Tighten Belts or Chains
  • Check Motor Covers / Clean
  • Inspect Condition & Placement of Guide Poles
  • Inspect Condition of Zincs​
  • Grease Cradles
  • Inspect Condition of Bunks
  • Inspect Pulleys for Damage
  • Confirm Boat Lift Sitting On Lift Properly
  • Make Sure Bunks are Properly Aligned for Boat

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