Boat Lift Cable Re-spooling

Protect Boat Lift Cable

Cable Unspooling

When a cable begins to un-spool, the cables will overlap, causing serious damage to the cable fibers if not immediately addressed. In most cases, the structural integrity of the cables will be compromised and replacement is needed to prevent a critical failure.

Boat lift cables will unspool or bird nest for a number of reasons:
  • Lowering the lift too far down so that it sits on the bottom of the boat slip which releases the tension from the cables.
  • Too much buoyancy from wooden bunks can also release too much tension from the cables which would cause unspooling. Installation of weights or conversion to aluminum bunks is a recommended solution.
  • Incorrect distribution of weight on the boat lift can also cause your cables to unspool. If the weight of your boat is not evenly distributed on the boat lift cradle, tension can also release and cause unspooling of your boat lift cables

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