Boat Lift Cable Installation

Correct Electrical Wiring

Boat Lift Cable Installation

Boat lift cables are one of the most critical components of a boat lift. Not maintaining your cables and replacing them regularly can lead to a catastrophic failure. Ensuring that your cables are the correct size and capacity for your specific boat lift should only be determined by a trained boat lift technician. Overloading your cables, even if they are in good condition, can lead to failure of the cables. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your cables and keep repair costs down.

Precautions taken when doing Cable Installation:
  • Work safely at all times
  • Follow all relevant drawings
  • Use the correct tools and equipment
  • Install, position and secure the cabling and components
  • Ensure connections and terminations are complete
  • Deal promptly and effectively with problems within your control
  • Check that the installation is complete
  • Ensure all components are fit for purpose

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