New Home Buyers: Boat Lift Inspections

When considering the purchase of a home or lot located on the water with a Boat Lift already in place, it is strongly recommended that potential buyers have the boat lifts evaluated by an inspector with knowledge and training. We are well known by other Home Inspectors who are not skilled in Boat Lift Inspections or who will not go in water to properly inspect waterfront properties with lifts already in place.

What’s Included on a Boat Lift Inspection?

Our Boat Lift Inspections are one of the most complete boat lift inspections in the market. We inspect the following:

  • Determine Brand/Manufacturer
  • Boat Lift Size / Capacity
  • Top Beam Condition
  • Cradle Condition
  • Boat Lift Cables Size, Capacity and Condition
  • Motor Size and Condition
  • Gearbox / Drives Type and Condition
  • Miscellaneous: Bunks, Brackets, Guide Posts, Sheaves, Axle Bolts, Chains, etc.

NOTE: This inspection service is only for customers who are purchasing a new home that comes with a boat lift already in place.

One Time Inspection
One-Time Boat Lift Inspections for New Home Buyers
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